Disk Speed Test – Test the speed of your Hardrive

Why we do disk speed test? So now a lot of people want their computers to be faster and faster and faster, whether they have gaming computers, whether they have servers, the whole idea is how their computer can be faster. Whenever anybody thinks about making a computer faster, the first thing we think about is the CPU then next thing they say is about i3, i5 and i7 processors which will make my computer faster then when you get such configuration processors, we look on ram more that will make my computer faster but one of the things that many people overlook is the real bottleneck for most systems and servers is actually the hard drive.

So many times people keep upgrading their CPUs because they upgrade their RAM and their computer really doesn’t move very much faster even after they put a few $0 into it and the reason is because of the hard drive itself. Hardrive is the bottleneck, so basically whatever the computer boots whenever you load a program whenever you’re reading a file right in the file that has to get pushed and pulled from the hard drive and if the hard drive is slow. Your computer is just not going to run very fast in the curious thing because everybody focuses on the processor, everybody focuses on the RAM.

disk speed test


Eventually, when you go to the store or when you go to Best Buy Deals online or when you go to dell or when you go to Lenovo they’re going to tell you what amazing CPUs they have, they’re going to tell you hardware like what mammoth amount of ram and they have their system but interestingly enough many times and they will not tell you very much about the hard drive and they’ll say it’s a one terabyte hard drive or 500 gigabyte hard drive.

If you look though give you lots of wonderful specifications about the CPU about the ram about the video card the many times. The hard drive is just a gray area all you know is that you have whatever size of hard drives and that is it. So, one of the things that you are going to want to do is actually test at the speed of your hard drive. Because again the faster your hard drive operates the faster your computer work the faster your computer will boot the faster you’ll be able to load programs the faster you’ll be able to do all kinds of fancy stuff.

They are several components in your computer/laptop CPU but the most significant hardware component inside your computer is hard drive because the main function of it that it holds your operating system. It doesn’t matter how powerful the other components like CPU(Central Processing Unit and RAM, memory are, the system will boot and load applications more slowly, and lag fairly badly while multitasking etc., because if you have inserted a slow hard drive to your computer.

SSD functionality or the genuine hard disk under Windows is discovered by the speed of memory chips or the drive’s spinning, but several other factors also. Settings such as RAID settings, control drivers, SATA/AHCI mode and the main board chipset can have an influence. Even RAM and CPU speeds play with a tiny component also. But how do you know if your drive is holding the system back, needs tweaking or is performing nicely? Happily, the web is long of sites to demonstrate how nicely almost every drive can perform. There are many paid packages like Pass mark or PCMark that can examine the entire system, They are several application to check the disk speed test that are particularly designed for testing the functionality of SSD drives and hard drives.

What is Disk Speed Test?

Disk Speed Test, that is part of Performance test of your computer/laptops or other devices which has hard drive in it, Disk speed test quantifies the processing of data transfer speed when reading or writing information to one or more discs. The speed that data information can be transferred between a hard disk drive and memory is one of the most significant functionality features of a computer. There are significant factorials which have a bearing on this particular speed and the Disk Drive Test enables an individual to alter most of these factors and compare the results.



Any drive that can be mounted under Windows is supported for disk speed test. Including IDE drives, SATA, SCSI, RAID, USB key drives, networked external drives and shared drives.

Discovering the speed of a hard disk drive is a heavy duty to newbie’s or beginners, but checking Disk Speed Test guarantees to make everything a lot more easy for beginners.

Disk Speed Test measures writing speed, including the amount of blocks, speed and time, with a specific alternative to draw a graph and enable you to assess the operation of the chosen drive

The process of disk speed test generally takes less than a minute, depending on your own settings obviously, but remember that it’s advocated to avoid working in this time on the system.

There’s just a simple process to check the disk speed test on your windows operation system, don’t need to configure anything on the windows OS after starting the application for the very first time and also it don’t requires any administration privileges to start the process of disk speed test.

Disc Speed Test is really a simple to use disc standard utility. It does, although it does rely on a clear-cut strategy sport a help guide, which is really one of the matters that are most significant when talking about this kind of program.

There are many software applications out there to check the disk speed test for both Windows and Mac operating systems. You can Google it for your use right way and download to start checking your disk speed test.

Disk Speed Test without Software

You can also use Windows Device Manager to do Disk speed test. Where you can do the disk performance test navigating over Hard drive Controllers from there you find the select the port option and then just simply click on the Test button to run your disk speed test.

Check your disk performance today to make your computer faster.